Who We Are

The CBWC Foundation is the financial branch of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. The CBWC is a denomination that spans the four western provinces of Canada as well as the North West and Yukon Territories.
Website: www.CBWC.ca

More About the CBWC Foundation
Jason Krueger

President hired for Oct 1, 2017

Jason Krueger has been a director, founder, and executive officer of several companies in a range of industries.  For almost 12 years, he consulted to executives of several established companies, … [Read More...]


Gull Lake Centre

Gull Lake Centre (“GLC”) began as a summer camp 97 years ago and has since undergone several redevelopments and improvements. The most pivotal moment emerged 10 years ago when, instead of shutting … [Read More...]

What We Do

The Foundation facilitates many functions within the CBWC: from administering grants and loans to both Churches and Ministry Students to managing financial assets within the CBWC.

Our aim is to live as stewards of the resources we've been given. We work to pair strong financial policy with a heart to fund kingdom growth across Western Canada. We work closely with our board and with the CBWC to insure these goals.

More About the CBWC Foundation