Gull Lake Centre

glc16_0178Gull Lake Centre (“GLC”) began as a summer camp 97 years ago and has since undergone several redevelopments and improvements. The most pivotal moment emerged 10 years ago when, instead of shutting down and ceasing to exist, a handful of key stakeholders decided to revision, reinvest, and rebuild this important ministry. A $5.5Million redevelopment took place and now we serve well over 1000 campers each year and several thousand, rental guests. The GLC transformation was a direct result of obtaining the support of CBWC-Foundation depositors, who use their savings to provide financing for large capital projects and the generous (incredibly generous) support of donors and supporters. All told, GLC rebuilt the main dining hall and Centre in 2007 (approx. $3.2MM), added 100 new beds in 2008, in two separate “pod” buildings ($800k), and in 2013, rebuilt Memorial Hall ($500k), originally constructed in 1925 by our founder Dr. McLaurin. Most recently, we reconstructed the Director’s house ($270k) ensuring that we had a safe and attractive residence for our Executive Director.

We do recognize the “fruits” of investing in capital projects do not materialize simply by building new cabins, but rather evolve in moments, day-to-day, where campers have a safe environment to connect with Christ. At camp, we create a beautiful, fun, and engaging space where all turn down the noise and the clutter in favor of hearing God and walking in communion with Him. We do this by hiring incredible staff connected to Christ themselves, who in turn, model for and guide campers to live life to the full – a life in deep relationship with Jesus.

This could not happen without the facilities that provide the backbone to the physical space that we use to create a receptive spiritual space. I see the good work that happens at GLC, each and every week, and am deeply grateful for all of the pieces that came together to make this happen.

Grace and Peace,
Steve Roadhouse
Director, Gull Lake Centre