How We (CBWC Foundation) Invest

  1. We select, monitor and hold accountable a group of asset managers, each chosen by their specialized skills and market focus. Through continual monitoring of their performance, strategy and tactical allocations, the Foundation believes it will consistently achieve top quartile returns over the long-term while at the same time, minimizing inherent market risk.
  2. We allocate our own and client assets among these managers in order to optimize returns over time, diversify holdings and style, and create a balanced approach to overall portfolio management that leverages each portfolio manager’s core strengths.
  3. Via our selected Asset Managers, we view ourselves as “investors” rather than “market traders,” and as such are tuned to the long term values of discipline, diversification and portfolio risk management.

Portfolio Management: Governance model.

  1. The Board of Directors of the Foundation is responsible for the fiduciary role of asset management, are guided by the principles of a “Prudent Person Approach” as engaged by many of the large financial institutions of Canada.
  2. The Board follows a comprehensive Investment Policy, which outlines the quality, allocation and other criteria of the portfolio. The policy is reviewed annually.
  3. The Foundation Board appoints an Investment Committee comprised of both Management and Directors of the Foundation. Through the supervision of the Investment Committee, each asset manager is accountable through their quarterly reports and annual in-person meetings.
  4. Management receives and reviews portfolio performance, holdings, and activity reports from each asset manager monthly.