Share Donations

Donating shares is a way to help both the CBWC and yourself at the same time. Avoid capital gain taxes while empowering ministries in the CBWC. Please note our Gift of Securities form and Transfer form were updated in January 2014. Kindly use the new forms shown below.

Downloadable Forms for Donations

How It Works

Contact the Foundation office to begin. We can walk you through the process of donating securities to your favorite church or agency. Once the transfer is made, you receive a donation receipt. When the shares are in our possession, the shares are sold and the designated recipient receives the funds.

* The final amount of the gift will be the lesser of either the receipted amount or the actual proceeds on the disposition of the securities.

Benefits to Share Donations

  • You can designate a recipient of your gift, or make a general donation.
  • Donated shares are completely tax receipt-able.
  • Gifts can be donated anonymously


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